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Abdulla M. Hassan Akhundawazi

Group of Companies





A.M.H. Akhundawazi group is one of the oldest companies registered in Bahrain.  It was established in the year of 1932 under the name of Mohammed & Abdulla Mulla Hasan Akhundawazi.  Over the years, it has diversified and have marked its footprints in many areas of business as importer and exporter, retail and wholesale trader, garments manufacturer, real estate and so on. 




1928 – Humble Beginning at Doha, Qatar:

Haji Mohammed Mulla Hassan Akhundawazi (late) opened a small shop in Souk Waqef (Doha – Qatar) during 1928 at his age of nineteen.  He was a tailor as well as a shopkeeper selling simple consumer goods available at that point of time.  Later, younger brother Haji Abdulla Mulla Hassan Akhundawazi joined him to help in his business at the age of ten.


It was at this time, the news of oil exploration in Bahrain erupted.  Sensing the great opportunities that this discovery may bring up, they decided to move to Bahrain after closing their very first business in Qatar. 


They came to Manama, Bahrain in the year of 1932 in search of their fortune.  Since then, over past seventy seven years, their continued expansion and diversifying activities marked the following milestone dates in our business directory:


1932 - Opening of shop in old Manama Souq:

After migrating to Bahrain from Qatar, they opened a small shop in Manama old souk consisting of two shutters, one for retail business and the other for tailoring,  The shop was rented from the then ruler of the Island - Sh. Hamad Bin Issa Alkhalifa - at a rent of seven Indian Rupees per month.  Their merchandize were procured locally from Indian merchants who imported their goods from India.


1945 - First Import business

As the business flourished with increased demand, the brothers took a major step forward by making contact with some Indian and Hong Kong companies for import of goods on their own, and ceased to depend on others.  With this move, the young brothers’ business establishment started to be counted one among the few business houses available in the country, and gradually became leader in the field of consumer goods like footwear, garments and accessories.


1950 - Import from Europe

As the life style of people changed with the advent of more and more consumer goods originating from the West, the founders decided to source their goods, especially Glass and Stainless Steel kitchenware, Sunglasses, Blankets etc from Italy and Germany.  Also during this year a branch was opened in Souk Waqef, Qatar.


1956 - Akhund Awazi Stores, Dubai

Business expanded to Dubai, by opening a branch in Murshid Bazaar.       

1965 - Akhund Awazi Stores, Bab Al Bahrain

A second showroom in Bahrain was opened at the Bab Al Bahrain in the heart of Manama for apparels and footwear.        






1970 – Khan Alawazi Establishment

Another branch outlet established in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, under the name of Khan Alawadhi Est., as a wholesale unit, to import and sell to retailers in the western providence of Saudi Arabia and the neighboring countries.        

1974Al Aawazi Establishment

A whole sale unit established by the name of Al Awazi Establishment in Manama for import of general merchandise.           

1981 – Baraka Exhibition

A retail outlet was opened by name of “Baraka Exhibition” specialized in Sporting goods, sport garments, footwear, accessories and exercise equipment.  Gradually, the name “BARAKA” became synonymous with Sports in Bahrain.


1994 – New Horizons Computer Learning Center

As part of our continued diversification process, during the same year, we started a branch of New Horizons Computer Learning Center in tie up with the Multinational giant in the field of computer education, M/s New Horizons CLC of Santa Ana.  This institution has become a trend setter in the field of computer education in the Kingdom with its most modern educational facilities and equipment offering a variety of applications and technical courses.


1997 – Pro-Image

Another Sporting goods retail shop was opened in the famous Al A’ali complex, Bahrain as franchisee of American company “Pro Image”.


2007 – Al Baraka Fitness Showroom

With continued up trend of sport facilities and Gyms within newly developed apartment buildings, villas and clubs, the demand for a professional approach to such set ups increased.  To bridge this gap, the company opened an exclusive show room for heavy duty fitness equipment at Palace Avenue in the center of Manama.


Presently A.M.H. Akhundawazi group comprises of the following units.


-                      Al Awazi Establishment

-                      Akhund Awazi Stores

-                      Baraka Exhibition

-                      Baraka Projects

-                      Baraka Sports Company, Kuwait

-                      Pro-image – (Franchisee of US Company)

-                      New Horizons Computer Learning Center (Franchisee of US company)

-                      Abdulla M.H. Akhundawazi  ,  Dubai - UAE


The group handles and holds agencies of many famous brands in the field and deals with several well known International suppliers.


Parallel to the trading business, with a vision on to the future, the owner has been investing in real estate as well.  Therefore, presently the company operates almost all its businesses from own buildings.  Besides, the company presently own land and buildings at prime locations in Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai (UAE) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).





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